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Wedding Plates

Wedding Plates: Top 5 Custom Plate Picks to Dazzle at Your Wedding

Personalized Wedding Plates and Napkins

When it comes to finding the perfect plates for your wedding, let your imagination run wild! On this page, we unveil our handpicked selection of disposable, custom plates that are bound to make an exquisite statement at your wedding feast. Delve into the world of possibilities as you discover not only the convenience of larger orders catering to all your guests' needs but also uncovering potential quantity discounts that extend your budget's capabilities. Experience true elegance with our metallic gold and silver inks or explore an array of other ink colors that will add a touch of opulence and sophistication to your table setting. Whether you opt for biodegradable paper or recyclable plastic, rest assured that we are here to guide you in choosing plates that align perfectly with your style, budget, and values for an unforgettable dinner reception and beyond.

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Custom Plastic Plates

Custom Milan Dinner Plates – Large, White

Custom Plastic Plates for Weddings

Affordable, durable, and completely customizable, these 8.25" x  8.25" sized Milan plates are a great way to celebrate your event with contemporary style. Inscribe a wedding logo or special message using up to four vibrant colors to create an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind wedding experience. Every plate is meticulously handcrafted to ensure that its design captures the true essence of the occasion. Whether you choose an exquisite monogram or a heartfelt quote, the Milan plates are guaranteed to make a lasting impact on your guests.

Pros: Distinctive design, crafted from sustainable and recyclable materials, resilient for a wide variety of cuisine
Cons: More expensive than paper plates, square shape could cause fitting issues
Suitability: Infuses a contemporary touch, creating a chic setting for the festive gathering
Pricing: As low as $1.98 each

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Custom Plastic Dinner Plates – 10-inch, White

Personalized Plastic Dinner Plates for Wedding

Understated yet refined, these particular 10-inch white plastic dinner plates add a touch of classic charm to your wedding celebrations. Printed with PMS colors, these recyclable plates leave a lasting impression with subtlety. Drinkware Company also offers free PMS color matching to assure you that your order will meet your precise color requirements, ensuring a unified and polished appearance for your wedding. These are disposable plates, designed for single-use, and are made from a durable plastic that does not stain or tear. And compared to paper plates, they have a refined, upscale look and feel that beautifully complements any wedding motif.

Pros: Smooth edges, simplistic design, large size, classic form, convenient for stacking, long-lasting look
Cons: Simple and unadorned style, Absence of a decorative beaded texture on the rim, higher price compared to paper plates
Suitability: Provides a nuanced way to include personalization with subtlety, ensuring a sophisticated touch without overshadowing the overall visual appeal
Pricing: As low as $0.90 each

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Custom Paper Plates

Custom Paper Dinner Plates – 10-inch, White

Custom Printed Wedding Paper Plates

Immerse yourself in the seamless blend of eco-consciousness and elegance with these exquisite 10-inch custom paper dinner plates. Meticulously manufactured in the USA from 100% recycled fiber, they offer unparalleled sustainability and refinement. Adorned with a flawless white design, they provide the ideal canvas for personalization within a compact 3-inch diameter, ensuring your event radiates with an unparalleled and unforgettable charm.

Pros: Budget-friendly, disposable, sustainable (biodegradable, composed of recycled fibers)
Cons: Not suitable for washing, intended for one-time use only, susceptible to damage from extended exposure to moisture
Suitability: Infuse receptions with a touch of individuality while prioritizing environmental sustainability
Pricing: As low as $0.70 each

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Custom Paper Dinner Plates – 9-inch, White Coated

Personalized Paper Plates for Wedding

Crafted with care, these elegant 9-inch plates feature a sleek white coating that blends strength with sophistication. Each plate showcases a sturdy 'crimped' edge that guarantees lasting durability and stability, even when serving generous portions. A 3-inch diameter provides a good coverage area to highlight your design, ensuring clear visibility and transforming each plate into a distinctive focal point at every wedding celebration.

Pros: Greater strength achieved with crimping, preventing spills with raised borders, visually appealing design, enhanced grip for improved handling, increased surface area for food, manufactured using renewable resources
Cons: May not stack as compactly, not suitable for washing, susceptibility to extended exposure to moisture, style gives a relaxed and laid-back vibe
Suitability: These informal yet resilient paper plates offer an inexpensive and environmentally conscious choice for relaxed gatherings
Pricing: As low as $0.41 each

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Custom Plates with Utensils

Custom Plates with Attached Utensils – 10.5-inch

Custom Caterplates Personalized for a Wedding

Expertly designed with attached forks, spoons, and knives, the 10.5-inch CaterPlate not only customizes your wedding but also provides a seamless dining experience. Crafted from recyclable plastic, its clear design harmonizes beautifully with any wedding theme, adding both convenience and an eco-friendly touch to your reception. The integrated cutlery eliminates the hassle of mismatched utensils, ensuring every guest has a cohesive and convenient dining experience, setting your event apart with its creativity and mindfulness.

Pros: Integrated cutlery, versatile and transparent design, environmentally friendly and sustainable material, reduced environmental impact, festive appearance
Cons: Conveys a casual vibe, available only in transparent color, requires careful handling to avoid utensils breaking off
Suitability: Ideal for modern weddings, it blends practicality with style, offering guests an innovative dining experience while adding personalization
Pricing: As low as $1.97 each

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What Size Plates for Your Wedding Reception Dinner?

Choosing custom dinner plates for a wedding reception dinner involves considering various aspects like the style of the meal, the types of food being served, and the desired aesthetic appeal.

Dinner Plates: 10-12 inches. Generous capacity for your main dishes and sides.

Salad Plates: 7-9 inches. Can serve dual purposes by accommodating your salads, appetizers, and sometimes desserts.

Dessert Plates: 6-7 inches. Your desserts feel more indulgent with the smaller size. You can also use salad plates.

Bread Plates: 6-7 inches. Small size fits bread, butter, and other table items. Placed to the left of the dinner plate.

Service style and budget are additional factors that impact plate choices. Pro Tip: Request plate samples to ensure they align perfectly with your wedding vision and decor.


Crafting the ideal plate design is like finding the perfect marriage between style and substance, making each wedding truly unforgettable, whether it's steeped in tradition or exudes modern charm.

By selecting the appropriate dinner plate, couples can create a cohesive and visually appealing dining experience that reflects their wedding vision and budget.

Need Help?

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