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Wedding Coasters

A personalized wedding coaster is one of the best ways to create a high quality favor that will last for years to come. One of the most commonly used personalized items in the household, most individuals have at least one custom set of coasters that they use to keep their furniture free of moisture. Using the latest in printing techniques, it is now possible to enjoy personalized favors that are durable and a great way to keep your special event fresh in your mind and the minds of your guests.

Wedding Coasters

  1. 60 PT. 3.5" Debossed Square Drink Coasters

  2. 80 PT. 3.5" Round Drink Coasters

    80 PT. 3.5" Round Drink Coasters
    As low as $0.26 each
  3. 60 PT. 3.5" Square Drink Coasters

    60 PT. 3.5" Square Drink Coasters
    As low as $0.24 each
  4. 80 PT. 3.5" Foil Stamped Square Drink Coasters


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It’s not often that an item becomes so popular in the wedding world that it becomes a staple at virtually every event. A personalized wedding coaster is the perfect way to reach out to your guests and offer them a unique party favor that they can enjoy for years to come. Something that is found in virtually every household, coasters are perfect for protecting fragile surfaces and can always be put to good use. A photo wedding coaster can be the best way to celebrate your special occasion and offer a cheap alternative to expensive wedding favors. Buying cheap imprinted wedding coasters on sale has become one of the best ways to commemorate a wedding and a great way to save money in the process.

Creativity is the idea behind imprinted wedding coasters and offers a perfect outlet for customization. Personalized to fit your specific needs, print wedding coasters allow you to take any design imaginable and imprint them on a high quality item perfect for you and your guests. Those who have been a part of wedding planning know the importance to detail and the need for every little thing to be perfect. Allowing you to take care of both the party favor and the dinner aspects of the reception, the customized wedding coaster is a cheap way to cut costs and offer an item that is second to none.

The perfect complement for those on a budget, imprinted wine coasters are a great companion to personalized wine glasses. By doubling up on your personalized drinkware orders, it becomes possible to save a great deal of money without sacrificing quality. Enjoy further discounts by buying in bulk and have customized drinkware perfect for any occasion. With a reputation for quality and a track record of affordability, Drinkware Company has become one of the leading vendors of wedding coaster printing and other cheap discount party favors.

Work together with some of the most creative minds in the graphic design field and watch your own custom designs come to life. With a wide variety of different coaster stocks and other pieces of drinkware for sale, Drinkware Company offers imprinted wedding coasters and a variety of other items that have the ability to enhance every event. Whether you are planning on throwing the best wedding, or are looking to display your company logo on a corporate item, Drinkware Company can offer you practical solutions that have been proven effective time and time again in drawing attention.

Whether you are planning your own wedding or part of the creative team designing a wedding for someone else, wedding favor coasters are always a solid choice. Take your own creative ability to the next level and offer your loved ones an item that they are sure to remember for years to come. Print wedding coasters not only help commemorate the event, but offer a practical item that will continue to commemorate the event for many years to come.