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Celebrate any anniversary in your life with Drinkware Company and our line of personalized printed anniversary items. No matter whether you are celebrating your 25th, 50th, or 10th anniversary, printed anniversary napkins, plates, drink coasters, glasses, and other items can enhance the experience at an affordable price. Even those on a tight budget can create amazing party favors designed to commemorate the event and keep it fresh in their minds for years to come. There’s nothing like custom items to make an anniversary that much more memorable; let Drinkware Company help you with our large selection of personalized anniversary items that are perfect for saving the date.

Anniversary Napkins

  1. Foil Stamped Color Cocktail Napkins

  2. Color Cocktail Napkins

    Color Cocktail Napkins
    As low as $0.17 each
  3. Debossed Color Cocktail Napkins

    Debossed Color Cocktail Napkins
    As low as $0.17 each
  4. Almost Linen Debossed White Cocktail Napkins


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Anniversary Plates

  1. 9" Paper Dinner Plates

    9" Paper Dinner Plates
    As low as $0.44 each
  2. Clear CaterPlate Snack Trays + Utensils

  3. Clear PartyPal Snack Trays

    Clear PartyPal Snack Trays
    As low as $1.69 each
  4. 9" Clear Plastic Dinner Plates

    9" Clear Plastic Dinner Plates
    As low as $1.72 each

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Anniversary Coasters

  1. 80 PT. 3.5" Foil Stamped Square Drink Coasters

  2. 60 PT. 3.5" Debossed Square Drink Coasters

  3. 80 PT. 3.5" Round Drink Coasters

    80 PT. 3.5" Round Drink Coasters
    As low as $0.26 each
  4. 60 PT. 3.5" Square Drink Coasters

    60 PT. 3.5" Square Drink Coasters
    As low as $0.24 each

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Anniversary Glasses

  1. 5 oz Clear Plastic Cups

    5 oz Clear Plastic Cups
    As low as $0.35 each
  2. 5 oz Clear Plastic Rocks Cups

    5 oz Clear Plastic Rocks Cups
    As low as $0.32 each
  3. 2 oz Fluted Plastic Wine Glasses

    2 oz Fluted Plastic Wine Glasses
    As low as $0.73 each
  4. 5 oz Frost Flex Plastic Cups

    5 oz Frost Flex Plastic Cups
    As low as $0.44 each

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Anniversaries are a time to get together with loved ones and celebrate being a part of each others’ lives. Custom anniversary napkins are a great way to enhance the special occasion and create memorable party favors for everyone in attendance. Use personalized anniversary napkins, custom anniversary plates, printed anniversary drink coasters, and imprinted anniversary glasses to mark the occasion and celebrate the years you’ve spent together. No matter whether you're celebrating 10, 25, or 50 year anniversaries, custom designs can bring a new level of commemoration to the event and help guests remember the event for years to come.

The beauty of custom drinkware is the ability to use your own creative ability to manifest unique and practical anniversary items. Printing 25th anniversary napkins to celebrate enduring relationships or recognizing those who have spent their lives together with imprinted 50th anniversary napkins is a unique approach when planning this type of celebration. No matter how many years have passed, you can be sure that imprinting anniversary plates, glasses, and coasters at a discount is practical and can make your special event one that will be remembered long after it has passed.

Personalized anniversary plates do not have to be of cheap quality to offer a way to serve food during the event and offer a practical way to celebrate. Those on a budget will love personalized anniversary drink coasters that can be bought on sale and still have the power to capture guests’ attention and offer a practical item designed for extended use. Have any design imaginable imprinted on your personalized anniversary cups for an item that has the ability to fit any décor. Use a personalized champagne glass for anniversaries to toast the guests of honor and send home party favors with your guests. Sure to become their favorite pieces of drinkware, the anniversary glasses are a great way to celebrate the event long after it has taken place. Keep the message fresh in the minds of guests with personalized anniversary napkins that are both durable and completely customized.

By purchasing these exquisite items in bulk, you and your company can receive a discount on virtually any item. Show your guests or customers a memorable party favor with your business logo, personalized monogram, or virtually any other design on printed 50th anniversary napkins, create a personalized anniversary drink coaster, or keep the event sophisticated with your very own personalized anniversary plate. The sky is the limit as to what you can have imprinted on your anniversary glass, and different models such as shot glasses and wine glasses allow you to choose the type of drinkware that fits the flow of your party.

Let’s face it; anniversaries don’t come about very often, and it’s an amazing thing when people are together for such long periods of time. Celebrate their accomplishments and what is yet to come with anniversary cups, napkins, plates, coasters, or glasses designed with your own artistic touch. Part of the beauty of an anniversary glass or set of personalized 50th anniversary napkins is that there will be nothing like it in the entire world. Unique to you and your loved ones, it is now possible to have custom drinkware for any occasion at an affordable rate. Let the talented professionals at Drinkware Company help you with all of your personalized anniversary needs and see how amazing your next anniversary event can be.